Business brought
to life

This is not just a business curriculum. Youth Entrepreneurs’ bridges the gap between textbook learning and practical application through Empowered's Experiential Self-Discovery methodology. The Youth Entrepreneurs program is a rich collection of activities and classroom content to power everything from an experiential entrepreneurship unit to a fully self-contained course

Transformation in Action

Values &
Skills &
Individual Transformation

Youth Entrepreneurs connects young people with the values and vision to achieve their dreams. We strive to change the mindsets of young people, so they believe in themselves and know what they can accomplish. Our experiential education framework instills entrepreneurial and economic principles into any subject area, and faciliates more meaningful student engagement in classrooms. 


“This class showed me how to find my passions and gave me confidence. It taught me that it’s okay to fail, but to expect to succeed.” Junior, 2013, Garden City High School
“Tish is on a mission to inspire her students. To hear more about Tish and as well as her experience at our annual educator conference, click here. ” Tish Ware, Educator, Morningside Middle School